Industry Standards

Our products comply with several de-facto industry standards, thereby ensuring compatibility and best user experience. The genuine Adobe PostScript and genuine Adobe PDF Print Engine as well as Adobe Embedded Print Engine enables us to get the best performance out of any printer while maintaining full compatibility to the industry standard.

  • Genuine Adobe PostScript
  • Genuine Adobe PDF Print Engine
  • PCL
  • PJL, JDF
Adobe Postscript Adobe PDF

SOFHA Technologies

There is a trend to compensate for inefficient software by using high-performance hardware. This approach results in excessive hardware cost and poor energy efficiency. Even the newest hardware cannot deliver enough processing power to drive state-of-the-art printing machines at their full speed as long as a poor software architecture is applied.

During the past years, SOFHA has developed a collection of software technologies to overcome the processor race. Designed to get the best out of any PC-compatible hardware base, they are the key to drive high performance machines at full speed, thereby saving substantially on hardware costs.

SOFHA Bitmap Library (SBL)

The SOFHA Bitmap Library is a set of routines for basic bitmap operations. Automatically adapting to CPU capabilities, they take advantage of the most powerful CPU features, resulting in a performance boost.

SOFHA Print Process Optimizer (SPO)

SOFHA Print Process Optimizer dynamically optimizes resources at operating system level. It serves as a print operating system, automatically adapting to CPU capabilities, which allocates resources like CPU cores, memory or harddisk access efficiently depending on print job characteristics.

SOFHA Multi Instance Technology (MIT)

SOFHA Multi Instance Technology focuses on multiprocessing techniques and automatically adapts to CPU capabilities. It splits the print job in multiple independent pages to run them with different interpreter instances, speeding up further processing by means of parallel processing with optimized core and load balancing.

SOFHA Live Variable Data Printing (LVP)

SOFHA Live Variable Data Printing enables the insertion of variable data in PDF documents on the fly. This RIP-based streaming technology significantly accelerates processing of large documents and forms the basis for secure variable data printing.


Compatibility is essential to overcome system borders and to save cost.
SOFHA controllers are based on inexpensive PC-compatible hardware of various performance levels und support different operating system environments.

Low-Cost PC Hardware

SOFHA technologies get superior performance out of almost any PC-compatible RIP hardware. On the one hand, they enable driving high-performance printing machines at full speed in this way. On the other hand, light production applications benefit from significantly lower hardware cost.

Extensive OS Support

SOFHA controllers can be embedded in virtually any operating system environment. Application software and printer drivers, available for Microsoft® Windows® and Apple Mac OS, retain their familiar look and feel across different platforms. Additionally, all controllers provide an operating system-independent, web-based user interface.