We can do it

Printer manufacturers are experienced specialists in their field of printer technology. As their digital printing machines become more and more powerful, they realize that their controllers cannot compete with the high standards set by their print engines.
It is still feasible to build a controller for basic requirements, but this controller could not make use of the potential of the print engine. How many years does it take to catch up on the performance gap? How many customers will be lost meanwhile? And what does all this cost?
SOFHA can provide the competitive controller solution, making the most of the printer's potential.

We can do it!

Product Solutions

SOFHA is offering a broad spectrum of product solutions, ranging from software pieces like drivers and tools to market-ready turnkey solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions include everything which makes up a controller solution (POD Server®):

The complete package of 

  • System software
  • Application software
  • Drivers and documentation

in the required languages, and maintenance options of your choice.

System Software

The Linux-based software (sometimes referred as firmware) running on the controller/server hardware.
It includes

  • All functions of the raster image processor
  • A database for job history and accounting
  • Drivers for the specific hardware interface
  • Webserver for the web-based user interface

Application Software

Application software depends on customer requirements and specific environments.
It may consist of

  • a client-based user interface
  • workflow or variable data printing applications
  • color calibration or SMAP Pro, SOFHA's simple and user-friendly printing tool

Printer Drivers

Printer drivers for the operator's workstation, supporting the special features of the particular printing machine and additional attributes like color and document management.

SOFHA printer drivers provide extensive control functions, retaining their familiar look and feel on different operating systems across PostScript and PDF drivers.

Printing Solutions

SOFHA is experienced in different printing technologies to get the most out of their special properties.
Examples are

  • customized screening techniques
  • optimized color management
  • adjusted color depth
  • Spot Color Handling

Additionally, special functions depending on machine and application can be supported.

    • Xerographic, Inkjet
    • Color, Monochrome
    • Cut Sheet, Continous Feed
    • Print Finshing
    • Accounting
  • Industrial Solutions

    Being a specialist in custom applications, SOFHA provides solutions to the challenges of industrial printing such as

    • integrated production workflow with realtime requirements
    • feedback systems
    • extended security demands.

    SOFHA offers advanced solutions for secure dataflow in variable data printing applications, complying with the principles of data economy and data avoidance.

    • Inline Production Solutions
    • Secure Variable Data Printing