Tailor-Made for You

We know that our customers are different, hence our service is tailor-made for their particular needs. SOFHA is offering a broad range of solutions from consulting and development services to market-ready turnkey solutions.


SOFHA has an experienced team of developers, including experts for all aspects of imaging solutions and specialists for Linux, Microsoft® Windows® and Apple Mac OS operating systems. This enables us to offer different levels of highly specific development services.

Market-Ready Products

When talking about product solutions, we are talking about market-ready products. SOFHA knows that customers expect full performance right from the first release, and we are proud to deliver what they want.

Custom Solutions

In addition to complete controllers, SOFHA also provides custom technical solutions. Software modules, special application software and tools or customized printer drivers are available upon request.

Technology Integration

If desired by the customer, SOFHA provides an integration service to incorporate SOFHA technology into other products. The customer selects the extent of this collaboration depending on his requirements.


Strong R&D capabilities become even more valuable for our customers when consulting comes into play. SOFHA customers can benefit from various consulting options.
We honor the process of learning from each other, and we want our customers to know what we do.

Engineering Services

SOFHA offers engineering services tailored to customer demands. Our experienced developer team for Linux, Microsoft® Windows® and Apple Mac OS operating systems will support you implementing your imaging product.

Knowledge Transfer

Collaboration pays off in manifold ways: SOFHA customers not only benefit from shorter time-to-market, over time they will also benefit from knowledge transfer.


How much time and effort does it take to develop a high performance raster image processor? Are all essential resources available? Is an in-house project feasible within reasonable time and budget? SOFHA is the number one partner for implementing a market-ready imaging solution within shortest time-to-market at the lowest possible cost.


We know that products need maintenance over their lifetime. SOFHA offers updates and upgrades not only at regular intervals, but also according to particular customer needs.

  • System Software Updates
  • Client Software Updates
  • Product Upgrades


SOFHA can provide software and documentation in almost any language. Additional languages are available upon request.



Any product is as useful as its features are described. SOFHA can provide an extensive range of documentation in almost any desired language.

  • User Manuals
  • Technical Manuals
  • Service Manuals